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About Matagarup Bridge Climb

Matagarup Bridge looks like a wave from a distance but is a beautiful pedestrian bridge that crosses Swan lake in Western Australia. Situated in the middle of Heisson Island and Goongoonup Bridge, this bridge links Eastern Perth to the Burswood peninsula. Besides being a bridge allowing public access via walking and vehicles, it also works as an adventurous hub offering zipline. You can do variety of fun activities like bridge climb, zip + climb and express zip with Matagarup Bridge Climb tickets. In the activity of bridge climb, you ascend 314 steps to reach the sky view glass platform, which lets you witness

Perth’s mesmerizing views from a height of 72 meters. After spending some time on the glass platform, you descend in the opposite direction. The zip + climb activity lets you climb up to the sky view glass and descends you to a 36-meter high zipline launch podium on the opposite side. From there, the Matagarup bridge climb zipline starts for the next adventurous 90 minutes. The 400-meter-long dual zipline enchants you with the look of the city and the thrills of slow descents. In the variant of express zip, you get to ascend straight away to the zipline platform in 160 steps. You can skip spending some time at the glass view platform; rather you start your adventure directly on the 400-meter dual zipline for 90 minutes of thrill.

History of Matagarup Bridge Climb

The Matagarup Bridge climb Perth zipline started officially in 2021 after 3 years of pedestrian use. The plans to build Matagarup Bridge started in 2014 when the Australian government wanted to construct and design a new bridge. The word “Matagarup” is derived from a local Australian language Nyungar and means “The place where the river is easily crossable as it is only a leg deep”.

This name was adapted due to the serene waters across the surrounding Heirisson Island. Initially addressed as “Swan River Pedestrian Bridge”, the construction contract was bid by multiple firms. A joint venture York Civil/Rizzani de Eccher won the bid to construct the bridge while a Western Australian company BARDAP Hydraulics was allotted the design and manufacture of important parts.

Mid-way through the construction, there were delays and several problems occurred. Another Malaysian company Toyota Tsusho bagged the sub-project to manufacture components but the contract got terminated. The contract was reallocated to a Perth company known as Civimec. In 2017, the Australian government announced the bridge’s name “Matagarup”. In 2018, the bridge’s two arches were raised and the main decks were craned to a high-pressure jack.

The same year towards the end of June, the LED was tested and concreting of the bridge was completed. Post the successful construction, hundreds of volunteers and engineers started to test the bridge. Finally, on July 14 2018, the fantastic bridge was opened for public access. In January 2021, Matagarup Bridge climb zipline started as an adventurous hub for thrill seekers.

What To Expect At Matagarup Bridge Climb

You can expect to try three fun activities at Matagarup Bridge to get enchanting views of Perth. The light-hearted activity of the Matagarup Bridge climb is a simple 45-degree ascending walk to reach the beautiful sky view glass platform. After completing the 314 steps of the bridge, you reach the glass-floored Skyview deck at a height of 72 meters. The glass platform offers you breathtaking views of the serene waters and the city’s skyline.

Once you feel you are done with clicking the best photographs, you can head down in the opposite direction. The tour becomes more interesting when you choose Matagarup bridge zipline post visiting the sky view glass platform. From there, you descend in the opposite direction towards the zipline hub. At 36 meters, you can start ziplining on a double 400-meter zipline.

The thrilling ride would continue for 90 minutes amidst the busy life of Perth. If you are just a fan of ziplines, you can escape visiting the sky view glass platform by choosing zipline express. You ascend 160 steps in the direction of the zipline chamber. Once you reach the 36-meter starting point, you can directly head on to the zipline adventure across the 400-meter double cables.

Know Before You Visit Matagarup Bridge Climb

Location: Nile St. East Perth WA 6004, Australia. The meeting point for Matagarup bridge climb activity is Zip+Climb HQ.

Timings: Matagarup Bridge is open 24 x 7. The Matagarup bridge climb activities take place every day from morning to night. However, the activities are subject to availability.

Best Time To Visit: You should go for the Matagarup Bridge climb Perth during the weekdays. On weekends, the sky view glass platform is nearly full as people in Australia enjoy this activity on the weekends to relax from their busy lives. Hence, for a crowd free experience, go for the bridge climb during the weekdays.

How To Reach:

By Bus: You can board any bus to drop off at Red CAT bus stop 79. From there, you can walk for 10 minutes to reach Yagan Square, which is 3.6 kilometers away from Zip+Climb HQ.By River: You can board a jetty from Burswood to reach the bridge in 15 minutes.

By Train: You can board a train and reach the Stadium Station located on the Armadale Line. From there, you can walk towards the bridge at a distance of 500 meters.You can board a train and reach Burswood Station. From there, you can reach Matagarup bridge climb meeting point Zip+Climb HQ point in a 15-minute walk.

Matagarup Bridge Climb FQAs

Why is Matagarup Bridge Climb famous?

Matagarup Bridge climb is famous because it offers you the enchanting views of Perth city from a height of 72 meters. The sky deck is a glass chamber with a transparent floor, and presents you with a view of blue waters and the magnificent bridge. From there, you can either head down to the road or zipline for 90 minutes. The zipline activity takes you down on a 400-meter cable at a rapid speed of 75 kilometers per hour. The fact that makes Matagarup climbing activity fun is that in the middle of the busy street, you can have your adventure in front of everyone!

What is the best time to visit Matagarup Bridge?

You should indulge in the Matagarup Bridge climb during the weekdays. This activity is enjoyed by Australians during the weekends to unwind them from their tight schedules. The sky view glass platform is almost full during the weekends. Hence, you should go for the bridge climb during the weekdays for a peaceful experience.

How high is the Matagarup Bridge?

The Matagarup bridge is 370 m (1,210 ft) in length and 9 meters (30 ft) wide. The highest point is at 72 m (236 ft) with the sky deck.

When was the Matagarup Bridge built?

The commencement of construction of the Matagarup bridge was made in 2014. The project was started but there were many delays and problems incurred. After several reallocations of contracts, the construction of the bridge was completed in 2018 and since has been open to the public. The Matagarup bridge climb Perth started in early 2021 for people to indulge in fun activities.

Where is the Matagarup Bridge Climb located?

Matagarup Bridge is located in Nile St. East Perth WA 6004, Australia.


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