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About Matagarup Bridge Climb

The Matagarup Bridge is a new addition to the Perth skyline connecting the suburb of Burswood to East Perth, and is part of the main road from the city to Optus Stadium. The Matagarup bridge climb tickets let you access this special Perth Bridge, which opened in 2018, has a length of 160 meters and a height of 72 meters. The flowing arches of Matagarup Bridge look like a flying swan or the Wagy water serpent, a great importance of local Noongar culture. When you climb the Matagarup Bridge then it takes you to a height of 72 meters above the Swan River.

But this new Bridge is just not made for walking as you can try your hands in Zipline also because it provides you some unbelievable adventurous activities at Burswood Park Foreshore. It takes one and a half hours to climb up the Matagarup Bridge. Along the way, you walk a total of 314 steps but not straight as many walking paths are at a 45-degrees angle. You’ll also have to slide and squeeze the past beams to reach the Skyview deck which is 72 meters above the Swan River. From there you can indulge in amazing views of the city and take pictures. Grab this lovely opportunity and book Matagarup bridge climb tickets for you and your family.

Why To Book Matagarup Bridge Climb Tickets?

If you like adventure or just strolling on the Perth Bridge then must book tickets for Matagarup bridge climb to experience some incredible adventure. This ticket includes the latest safety equipment and a licensed professional climbing guide to ensure that you’re safe and have fun at the same time at the summit of Matagarup bridge.


  • Unleash your daring person with the thrilling 2-hour climb of the Matagarup bridge complete with safety gear and a professional guide.
  • Climb 314 steps at a 45 degrees angle on the bridge during the daytime.
  • Immersing yourself in interesting tales of the Swan River region while trekking the bridge.
  • Access the Skyview Deck, Perth’s first glass-bottom viewing platform suspended 72 meters above the river.
  • Challenge yourself to zipline along the south bank of the river to light up your adventure.
  • You can do both Matagarup bridge zipline and climbing at the same time with entry tickets.
  • Reach the summit of the bridge and indulge yourself with 360-degree views of the beautiful Perth city and the Swan River.
  • While listening to fascinating tales about Perth city from your guide, capture some souvenir photos to make your trip unforgettable.

Available Matagarup Bridge Climb Tickets

Get ready to have your heart racing at the Matagarup bridge- an iconic landmark that offers an opportunity to experience the splendid 360-degree views from 72-meters over the Swan River. Matagarup bridge climb ticket offers various activities to every visitor from zip+climb, express zip, bridge climb to day climb, and Zip+Climb - Twilight/Night. Ziplining and bridge climbing activities need a professional guide and safety equipment.

Zip + Climb

This Matagarup bridge climb ticket includes a professional guide and all the safety equipment. You will be provided a zipline trolley which will be mounted on your back for your trek across the bridge. This is a 2-hr adrenaline experience activity that allows you to enjoy the mesmerizing views of Perth and the Swan River through the Sky View Deck.Get off the zipline launch platform below the bridge on the other side of the main arch.

Express Zip

You will be provided a zipline trolley with all safety equipment and a professional guide. You will be directed to the bridge and taken 150 steps up from the western arch at a 45-degree angle to the launch platform. Experience the thrill of flying through the skies at 20 meters per second and through a state-of-the-art braking system, you will be landed safely on the East bank of the Swan River.

Bridge Climb

This includes only Bridge climbing, not zipline, but this is not an ordinary climb as you have to walk 314 steps at a 45-degree angle to slide and squeeze the beams to reach the Skyview deck - an open-air glass platform suspended 75 meters above the Swan River. This 1.5hr adrenaline experience offers you to access amazing views of the city and the river, and free photos of your experience.

Day Climb

You’ll have to climb 314 stairs at a 45-degree angle to reach the Skyview Deck while sliding and squeezing the past beams. Get the full experience to enjoy the 360-degree panoramic views of Perth city and then climb back to the launch platform to ride the 400m zipline at 75km/hr.


Want to experience Zipline + climbing at night? You can enjoy both at the same time at night with the Matagarup bridge climb entry tickets that provide you with a unique experience to explore the city and the Swan River at night from the bridge. The city lights illuminate the bridge, and it is a picturequese sight to explore.

Know Before You Go Matagarup Bridge Climb

Essential Information

  • Location: Matagarup Bridge climb is located at Optus Stadium Ground Level - RiverSide, Burswood WA 6100

  • Opening Hours: Timings can vary according to activities.Matagarup bridge zip + climb opening hours start from 10.30 pm to 7.00 pm (Saturday to Friday) and Tuesday remains closed. Zip + Climb- Twilight/Night timings 120 minutes approx.

  • Best time to Visit: January, March, and July are considered the best months to visit the Matagarup bridge. If you wish to avoid rush, the best time to visit is during the early hours since the crowd is usually less. You can also visit during the evening if you wish to view the sunset at the bridge.

How to Reach

  • By Air: One of the busiest airports in Australia, Perth Airport operates various domestic and international flights.

  • By Road: Perth is well connected with major Australian cities. Transperth buses and CAT buses operate throughout the day. You can book a cab to reach the bridge.

  • By Boat: First, take a flight to get to major cities of Australia after that take a ferry to Fremantle, Perth.

  • By Train: One can get to the city from the famous Indian Pacific trans-continental train journey.

Matagarup Bridge Climb FAQs

What is the best time to experience the Matagarup Bridge Climb?

If you want your Matagarup bridge climb hassle-free then you should avoid the peak season and peak hours. Book your Matagarup bridge climb entry tickets and get here to experience climbing and zip lining on the bridge and have splendid views of the city.

What is the minimum age required to book Matagarup Bridge Climb Tickets?

The minimum age required to book tickets for Matagarup bridge climb is 8 yrs, and the height should be 120 cm. Kids aged 8-15yrs must be accompanied by their parents. Minimum height of 120 cm and maximum 210 cm for the zipline. Minimum weight of 30kg and maximum 120kg.

Do we need to book in advance for Matagarup Bridge Climb Tickets?

Yes, you should book your Matagarup bridge climb tickets in advance to guarantee your booking so that your spot will be secure. You also get to avoid queues, and facilitate a hassle-free entrance.

Who built the Matagarup Bridge Climb?

The Matagarup Bridge connecting Optus Stadium and the Burswood Peninsula to East Perth was constructed by York Civil/https://www. Rizzani de Eccher joint venture and was opened to the public in 2018.The 370 meters long bridge is not just a pedestrian bridge but offers much more to visitors.

Will I get discounts on booking Matagarup Bridge Climb Tickets online?

Yes, you can get some best deals and discounts on Matagarup Bridge Climb tickets when you book them online via third-party websites.


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